that's a deal-breaker

WTF? is it just me? are my expectations too high? where does a person find the time? and ewwww!

me: are you fucking someone else?

him: well, i have, yes, but i still really like you and wanna see you.

me: yeah, that's pretty much a deal-breaker for me. but thanks anyway!

it went almost like that, with a few hysterical laughs thrown in. i couldn't believe what an asshole i'd been; how gullible. i mean, really, how many times must i be shown how the dating world works before i really and truly believe it? it's not like i've ever considered myself a pollyanna or anything. i think i just tend to fall for the charming type.

i think it's time for a break from that world. i'm too old for this shit.


Apologize or face the consequences...

Luca's trying to construct a tower out of Mega-Bloks. Dash is thwarting him at every crucial, block-placing moment, and swatting at Luca in the process. I tell Dash to apologize - as if, since the only words he knows are mama and wow-wow (dog in baby portuguese) - to which Dash responds with one well-placed, strategically brilliant swipe at the carefully constructed Mega-Blok masterpiece. Said swipe brings the tower down...and Luca says, in a very calm and reasonable voice, bless his patient little heart, "Dash...that is NOT apologizing."