Time Warp

A month since my last update, and I'm still trying to figure out how so much can happen in such a short time.

  • Got into graduate school.
  • Saw undergraduate transcripts from ummm, well, all those years ago - can't remember taking 73% of the classes.
  • Taught Dash to call minivans "Big Ass Cars."  Video proof coming soon.
  • Ex-husband's girlfriend moved out.
  • Ex-husband's new girlfriend showed up for brunch.
  • Got winks from RETURNofTHELion, losthair, pro_fit_able, OfficerKrumke, and gentleman_jay.
  • losthair augmented his wink with a profound follow-up note - "You are very pretty.  Call me."  Ooh, ooh, yes, please, I can't wait.
  • Not.
  • Luca learned to swim!!!
  • Dash went pee-pee on the potty!!!  And pooped in the woods!!!
  • Teenage sister, Gabi, moved in with us to start undergrad at NYU.
  • I discovered the joys of having family close.
  • And the frustrations of living with a teenager.
  • Middle-aged (if my dog year calculations are correct) Westie dog, named Wallace, came to live with us after a stint with my ex-husband.
  • Wallace got mad when we left him alone at home for a couple of hours and ripped up the crappiest McCrapped-Crap diaper he could find in the garbage.
  • Discovered new community at off-leash hours in Fort Greene Park.
  • Lost in court to Dash's father and his shark attorney.
  • Figured out how to put my tax dollars to work with free legal help.
  • Served papers on aforementioned sperm donor.
  • Became a yoga studio manager.  Found inner peace.
  • Even in the face of idiocy and collapsing economy.
  • Re-ignited my passion for blogging.